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Competitive Advantage

The growth and business development depends on the ability to educate and train employees so that they become competent and skilled professionals.

This high degree of training reviewers produce greater empowerment and will impact positively on the productivity of an organization.

In CDP we specialize in the skills of our students and also we help them achieve the highest level of training and expertise, increasing knowledge of organizational processes, operations and business, inspiring a culture of lifelong learning.

Our competitive advantage is focused on skills training, which will enhance the learners' prior knowledge and become useful knowledge for the organization to which they belong.

Job skills, What are

They are defined as the skills possessed by an individual to give successful response to a task, carry out an activity or demand specific performance criteria that will be applied, being thus productive for the company.

For this we must recognize three terms associated with the competition:

  • The Know: Are the knowledge necessary for the development of a task within or outside the organization.
  • The Ask: Is being able to put into action the knowledge skills making them.
  • Being: Each skill learned has added value and the integral growth of human talent.

We train to develop the Human Talent

As a training center, we recognize that there is a talent to develop in each of our students, while companies that choose to do so because we recognize this potential in its employees.

Therefore, our educational approach sets for each of the learners of our various training courses, training to increase their knowledge and skills potentiate their job skills.