About us

Who We Are

We are a comprehensive enterprise group skills training, that through innovation contribute to the development of Human Resource Competitiveness in Chile.

We recognize that all students in our center has potentials through education to develop and grow for the benefit of their professional, social and personal life.

Quienes somos

Mission, Vision and Values


Develop academic and work skills through comprehensive training supported by instructors trained in Human Resource Development, who bringing their competitive organizational allow conversion into usable knowledge to technological, economic and social growth of our region knowledge.


In Capacitaciones del Plata our arguments with innovation and excellence in comprehensive training, making us the best educational option for our processes and projects with high quality standards.


INTEGRITY The formation of our students promote individual, community and social values.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT propose an approach based on well-defined processes through SHS cycle (KNOW, DO, BE) approach.

COMPETENT MANAGEMENT propose an effective and efficient organizational structure, Clean fingered person, committed and trained with proper management of resources.

CUSTOMER FOCUS will know the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers, a constant task, which helps us to improve.